I am mostly a hobby player. I have a mint cond M80 I bought new. It has reasonaly clean sound but I MUST upgrade for electric to a real valve amp. Planned to go with a Line 6 212 (in case anyone has similar suggestions on a modeling amp).

I was considering keeping the M80 for my acoustics amping but now kind of wondering if I should keep it or if I should dump it and look for a more acoustic designed amp? The Fender is SS or course and naturally pretty clean with plenty of adjustments but I seem to remember using a Roland 212 and was a bit happier with it. I just hate to sell an amp and regret it later.

I was originally going to sell the M80 to help pay for the Line 6 but doubt I will like the tube sound with acoustics and having an SS amp around could give more options I guess.

I had an M80 chorus head and two matching 2x12 cabs for years. They all had that grey carpet for the cover. It didn't sound very good, but it wasn't terrible, especially if you are using it for your acoustics. I always loved the chorus on that amp, and I would get hypnotized by the blinking light when the chorus was activated.

I would try your acoustic with the amp you want and if you don't like it, keep that amp as well.