They're both good. Schecter and ESP/LTD are parts of the same company so they are both pretty much the same quality wise im sure. I'd assume that since the the Schecter is more expensive it might be a bit better, but they both have the same features and hardware for the most part so I'm not really sure. Go with whichever feels more comfortable to you I guess and what sounds best.
I dont know about the Shectker but I use to have a M100FM and it was much better than my RG5EX1 and my RG470FM combined. It was easily the best playing guitar I have ever had, it alone converted me to a ESP fan. The floyd rose on mine NEVER went out of tune. I only tuned it once and that is when I put new strings on it when I got it. I wish I still had it...
More information is required. It's just a vs. thread unless you can provide budget, styles, location, other gear, etc.