I replaced my guitar strings on my strat. hen I tune a string, the high tension on the string causes the bridge to loosen, which also puts the other strings tuned previously to go out of tune.When I finally have all the strings in tune, the bridge is pulled halfway from the tension of the strings. How do I tune the strings so that the bridge stays in proper position?
You have to balance the tension of the strings with the tension of the springs inside.
If all 6 strings are perfectly in tune, but your bridge looks like this:
then you need to tighten the springs in the back to pull the bridge back down.
Make sure to loosen the strings before tightening the springs otherwise you'll pop all of them.
Then just continue tuning the strings and seeing where the bridge sits until it is at a height you like and in tune.
^he hit it, just tighten the springs after detuning the strings.
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