since im sure ill ahve a ton of Q's over the next few months i think ill TRY to have this as my asking topic. im trying to learn some chord transitions. liek swtiching form E to C and E to G and so on...

what is the best way to play the E? ring finger on the A string or the D string? i tend to use my ring for the D and my middle for the A but it seems like when switching to a C chord it would be easier to have the ring on the A and the middle on the E. which should i be striving for? what feels more comfortable? or what makes for an easier transition. self teaching so i dont wanna learn bad habits form the get go..

Middle on the A, Ring on the D, index on the G for the E chord. Ring finger on the A, middle finger on the D, index on the B for the C chord. If you play the E with your ring finger on the A, you'll have to slide over a fret to play the C chord which would add extra movement and you wouldn't be able to switch chords as fast. To get faster at switching chords you might just have to play a measure of each chord alternating with a metronome, getting faster gradually.
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so i noticed when i turned my amp on....i bumped it with my foot by accident when i wasnt playing naything and it had this weird "wavy" sound. shouldnt it be quiet if im not strumming? i know it makes noise when i plug in the chords into the input hole but this is just moving it around.

edit..so i asked the guy at work who sold it to me and he said the cone was just moving form me bumpin the amp case..so no biggie
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