Well do you ? And if so who is it. Someone you idolize, or want to be when you grow up. Or simply someone you respect and look up to. Could be someone you know personally and see everyday, or someone you've never met before.

So let me know Pit, whos your mentor ?
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You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.

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P.S: You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome

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PS. To Conor:
You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.
That is awesome you made this thread. I have actually really been considering asking our GM at work if he would like to be my mentor. He started out as a bellman now and now he is running the show. If I could have anybody as a mentor it would have to be Arnie.

P.S. inb4 Seinfeld references.
I don't think someone you've never met before can count as a mentor.

And no
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not really.
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Probably my kickboxing coach.

Got a lot of respect for him.
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