Hey guys!

So I was thinking of maybe starting a weekly review of folk albums and musicians. I notice a lot of stuff for metal (which is to be expected on UG) but I am far more interested in folk rock and the like. Each week I could review one album, or maybe suggest some listening material for the week? What you guys think. Would ANYONE be interested?

Throw your ideas at me!
don't know much about any new folk, but...

Bob Dylan (all pre-1970 stuff is best IMO)
Woody Guthrie
Joan Baez
Pete Seeger
The Byrds

and Fairport Convention and The Dublinersfor some awesome British folk

I love folk rock, I'd read the review.
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I love me some folk and always welcome more.
I don't really read any UG articles, but I guess i'd read one like this.
I would read this...

You should maybe do a profile of a UGer that is a folk artist....

Or maybe a UG folk song of the month contest.....
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If you need someone to interview, I do happen to be a regularly gigging folk musician.

EDIT: More folk rock but whatever.
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Anything that isn't about metal is crap.
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Yeah, this is folkyish, I just posted it in another thread because we got on TV with it
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I'm very into folk. You should talk about some lesser known but fantastic folk artists such as...

Jimmy Lafave, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Lowen & Navarro, Ellis Paul, Joel Raphael, Dirk Hamilton, Dave Navarro, Jude Johnstone, Freebo, David Wilcox, Tom Prasada-Rao, Dale Laduke, City and Colour, Micah Schnabel, Mike Hale, Austin Lucas, Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape

I could go on forever. I really like folk.