Hey guys, I'm trying to decide on a practice amp that I could use on the go easily. I'm trying to decide between a Roland Micro Cube and a Marshall MS-2.

Both are battery powered and not too expensive. I really only need it to be able to have a loud enough clean channel (which I've heard the MS-2 has problems with) for multiple people to hear in a somewhat large room.

I have an MXR fullbore metal distortion pedal so I am not too concerned with the distortion on either (though it will have to be able to take the pedal obviously )
I like the portability of the MS-2 since it has a belt clip and is much smaller.

Any help from you guys on which is better would be great. I'm open to suggestions if you know of a better amp too.
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The Roland, no question.
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The MS-2 is garbage. I have one. I had to rewire it because the controls broke after very little use. And it never sounded good, although it's livable through an MFX pedal, I guess. It might repond well to your distortion pedal. I was thinking about the Orange micro crush, but it wasn't available locally and I was getting impatient, so I went to the store to buy a Roland (I like their digital pianos and V-drums), but one of my friends there showed me the VOX DA5. It has much more bottom end than the Roland and sounds so much better. Also it's a lot more versatile. I use mine just about every day, even though I also have a decent Marshall half stack. I save the tubes on that for band practice and shows.

The DA5 is discontinued, so it might be hard to find a new one. I'm not sure its replacement compares; looks like a smaller speaker, so it might not be able to keep up the bottom end. You can probably still find a new one on eBay sometimes.

People will have no problem hearing a DA5 in a large room. I've used mine in loud bars before on the 5-watt setting. It's the loudest 5-watt amp I've heard.
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Go with the microcube! Ive had mine for a year and it hasnt let me down.

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Roland Microcube all the way if you want battery power.
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