I've been thinking about this and wondered whether any internationals have had troubles with this.

I have moved to Canada, got on well enough with people, but never got into the whole "drink beer and watch hockey, hurr durr" lifestyle, nor did I find it appealing. Other than that though, no problems save for a few acts of discrimination.

Also moved to Scotland which similarly hasn't been much of a problem, but never will I feel Scottish, drink like a tank, and make my nut about Celtic or Rangers. And I'm fine with that.

I also lived in Germany, but never felt 100% accepted there. Although I speak the language and I like the "let's do it RIGHT" mentality, I never felt like I could live there to raise a family.

I also started off in Portugal, which was fine, but I don't think I could live there ever again because of its "laid-back" mentality, and I think I'd feel like a fish out of water going to places on time.

I guess if you haven't moved to a different country it's hard to explain, but if you leave country A and move to Country B, you'll never integrate to country B 100%, but you can try your best. However, if you try to move back to Country A, you notice just how much you've grown attached to Country B, and that you can't 100% relate to either of the two.
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I lived in England for the first couple of years of my life before I moved here, so sort of.
I started in Canada, and live in the states. All my friends have adopted the "drink beer and watch hockey, hurr durr" lifestyle with me. So suck it.
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I'm slow at learning languages, so I never really felt like I was part of the culture in which I lived. I was always the foreigner.

Now, I live in the UK, and I can communicate with most of the people around me, but I still don't feel like I'm part of the culture. That's probably because I stay at home and play video games all day.

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I think globalisation has homogenized the culture of western society. Although every nation still has some unique traits, I feel it is very easy to remain unaffected by them. This is especially true if, like me, you don't make any effort to integrate yourself into the society. I'm just living my life the only way I can, y'know?
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