When you looking for a guitar or an item do you look at costumer reviews or you are buying it bcuz you like it?

For me it depends on the item I'm buying
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I don't care about costumers' opinions at all. Unless it's Halloween.
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My preference. I look at customer reviews in case I'm missing some horrible flaw, but I usually don't go by them.
They're good to gather initial opinions, but nothing compares to actually getting your hands on an instrument.
i usually read the review when narrowing it down to the guitarsi want to try in person

which is important being left handedsince i usually have to ask my local shops to order them in just to try them their nice enough about it but i dont like to bug them
i read customer reviews, its smart. especially with effect pedals and gear. the 3 guitars i own, first squire was picked out for me, my acoustic i picked out because it sounded perfect for me, my strat i picked out because it sounded perfect for me too, didnt read any reviews on either
I try the guitar out in person if possible. Same models of production guitars and basses are not all created equally. If I'm buying used over a forum I ask loads of questions about it. And if it doesn't work out I can resell on the same forum.