its a rough demo, but my friends and i are going to work on this, they havent heard it yet but i wana know if it sounds like shit or not. give me some constructive crit. il probably return the favor, tomorrow for sure, tonite im busy.
the ending is a different bpm nd i dont know if i wana keept it or not, its supposed to be a band jam and fade out. were going for a dream pop kinda sound but cooler, im not into making hipster music but thats what my friend wants. like mgmt of montreal and the cure. its a project....


this is an updated version, i suppose i didnt need to make another thread, i didnt see that it was stll on the first page, my bad, if you are a mod you can delete my other thread, i only need one.
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Nahh it's not bad and the recording quality is all right, although I didn't really hear much of a shoegaze sound....on a side note the track kind of looks like a penis.Maybe you should play really loud at the end of it to fix it.
You've got some cool ideas in there. The recording sounds really lo-fi. Is that intentional?

Not really that familiar with shoegaze. But I made a clip in my profile called "Early Reflections" that demonstrates a "My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When" type of sound using the reverse reverb in the Yamaha Magicstomp. If you're interested....

Early Reflections Shoegaze (01:54)
I get a lot of people asking if my shit recordings were intentional...why is that? All of my stuff is either a doodle in my fl studio demo, or its recorded on audacity with my rock band mic. Very unintentional. I wish i had better equipment. Its hard to keep organized.
Is that what my bloody valentine sounds like? I never listen to them but i dig it. When i get the chqnce this song with be layered as ****. Its sound much cleaner too. But for the relation of ideas and what i have now i tuink it sounds half decent.
Apparently that Rock Band mic leaves a lot to be desired. You'll just have to upgrade when money permits. You don't really need an expensive mic to get better results.

The MBV song "To Here Knows When" is on Youtube. Someone asked about reverse reverb a while back and suggested that song as the effect they were trying to get. So I made that recording as a demo. I was really pleased with the way it came out. It's just a Strat and the Magicstomp with that one effect. Apparently MBV used a rack mount Yamaha FX processor to get the same reverse reverb effect. I know about any of their other music.

BTW, thanks for listening and commenting.
your songs are actually all really good. i was impressed! i redid my song with a metranome kinda thing i did with audacity. so yeah listen to that song if you want, you dont have to its not too much different
Listened to Tweedle dum...
Liked the lo fi feeling it has... the drums are nice too.
But the prize goes to the guitar playing so mellow in the background and making you wander along to the song...
REally nice work, keep doing this!

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jrcsgtpeppers, I like the demo. Very True! I'm trying to turn to shoegazing songwriting, it is harder than intended.

Here is the best I have, but I only used one guitar.

I can't produce, but direct, yes, for sure.

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