So I decided to try some new tracking and mixing stuffs, in hopes of getting a 'big rock' kind of vibe to this clip.


- Guitars were quad tracked 100/70, all four tracks are x50 with different impulses for the inside and outside
- Bass was slammed to shit and TSE B.O.D.
- Drums had a lot more processing than I usually do and I'd love some feedback on how they sound!

Anyway, there ya have it. Lemme know how it sounds, please! Be as critical as you want. Bitchin' riffs courtesy of Story of the Year.

Awesome job sir.; Its tight and heavy. Your probably looking for some constructive criticism but its great.
Love the mix of the guitars and bass... the ride cymbol is prett thin so bring that out a little more.. otherwise I like it
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Cheers, guys.

@rocker: there actually isn't supposed to be a ride cymbal, I just had the velocities too low during the part with the crash so it dings a few times haha

Any moar input?
Sounds nice and tight, drum sound really lets it down IMHO.

Excellent stereo spread with the guitars, sounds huge but there's still a handy hole in the middle here you could fit vocals!

What drum software are you using?
Drums were all Superior, no samples blended or anything like that. What's wrong with the drums sounds?
Quote by Odirunn
Drums were all Superior, no samples blended or anything like that. What's wrong with the drums sounds?

They sound very fake and wooden to me. I don't know if it's the mixing, programming or a combination of the two. Don't take offence; it's a damn good mix but I think the drums are really letting it down!

I know you're going for a tight, dry production style but they're just too thin. Try dialing in a bit of room mic, or maybe the bullet mic. Make sure there's plenty of bleed in the overhead. Give that kick drum some balls in the low end too, it needs some body!

I'd suggest going back and manually adjusting velocities too, especially on the cymbals, to get more of a human feel.
No no, no offense taken! I'm trying to get my drums to sound better so that's really helpful.

I've actually got a synthetic room on the main rhythm guitars and drums but perhaps I don't have it mixed in enough; I'm so used to dry productions that as soon as I start adding in significant room or ambiance I usually feel like I'm over doing it. I'll repost tomorrow with higher rooms mixed in and see if that helps at all.

Yeah, drum midi was straight from GP, didn't mess with it at all, haha.

Thanks muchly!
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