"Can you hear me?!"
"He doesn't have a Pulse. Get the AED. I'll start CPR."

"Here it is. I'll turn it on."

*Call 911...
*Apply Pads...
*Apply Pads...
*Analyzing Heart Rhythm...Don't Touch The Patient...
*Analyzing Heart Rhythm...Don't Touch The Patient...
*Analyzing Heart Rhythm...Don't Touch The Patient...
*Shock Advised...
*Stand Clear...
*Press Shock Button Now...
"I'm Clear. Are you Clear?
"I'm Clear"
"All Clear. Shocking now."
*Shock Delivered..Check for Pulse... If No Pulse, Begin CPR.
"Still No Pulse."
"I'll give compressions this time. You breath for him. Ambulance is 3 minutes out."

The blazing heat was no match for the chill that rolled down his spine
As he fought Fear and Death, for a Family's beloved Father.
Straddled across the lifeless Body that once walked with Vigor and Pride.
Each pump is one of hope. Each breath, given with Prayer.

"That must be them now."
"Hey Guys. What happened?"
"He fell out after we went in. After we got him out, He had no pulse. the AED delivered a shock and we started CPR."
"Hook up the Heart Monitor. Prepare an IV. Can one of you drive?"
"I'll drive."
"IV is established. Epi administered. Let's get him on the road. One of you get in the back with us."

While they're standing on the Line guarding from the deep, cold grave,
Nothing but Adrenaline keeps them sober--sound of mind.
Asking for nothing short of a Miracle. It's the only saving grace.
For a soul only half-lived and a home forever changed.

"Still in fib. Give another dose of Epi."
"It's been 5 cycles, switch positions and I'll give compressions for awhile."
"How far away from the Hospital are we?"
"8 or 10 minutes"
"Defib at 200 joules. Clear."

Fatigued but Focused, and determined that Failure is no option,
They long for the sound of madness to be broken.
Thoughts of defeat fill their hearts and minds, as Death creeps closer.
Then sounds a sign of life and of peace that can't be spoken.

"He's back! He's back! Thats a slow rhythm, but it's there."
"Does he have a pulse?"
"He has a pulse. around 50"
"Alright, monitor him closely"

Sweat drips from their brows as they draw a full breath.
Though in the heat of the moment, they're frozen in time.
Discovering the purpose of their existence is ample reward,
For the disaster created when life and death coincide.

"Here we are. Is he stable?"
"He's stable. His Vitals are stable"
"Amazing. Let's get him inside."