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my white water rapids can flow wherever they wish
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thats kinda rude dontcha think so
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it depends on (your explination)
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im just as bored as you
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This isnt about blowing sausages for that dankity dank dank, this is about emptying your fudge sickle on your sexual person of interest. My good friend and i were discussing this topic earlier, we came to the same conclusion, but i want to hear more opinions, we share many opinions. we agreed that it wasnt too polite, nevertheless, it totally depends on where and the fashion of how you do it. if youre just pullin out and are lookin for a place to aim your semen shooter and fire off your moisture missile, unloading on her chest down is an ok thing to do, and it may boat your float. BUTT if you are puposely tring to soak her face with a rice pudding gernade, that isnt too groovy, and is degrading to your sex buddy.
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