A quick question about strumming. When I play I mostly only strum as required. A friend told me I should continuously strum up and down and only strike the strings as required. Should I run with his advice?
If that works for your friend, let him carry on doing it. If your style works for you, carry on as you are.

I can see that your friend's method may help with keeping in time, but it shouldn't become a vital part of keeping in time and there's a risk that however you try to vary it, if you're constantly strumming up & down any pattern of when you strike the strings is going to become formulaic.

There aren't any rules, just do what works for you.
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Quote by bartier
Should I run with his advice?

Yes. It will improve your time keeping and rhythmic control. Keeping good time is absolute paramount.

Your sense of rhythm and tk is probably fine already. Doing this will only reinforce that.

You'll also learn that by continuous strumming motion, that downstrokes are on the beat, and upstrokes land on weak parts of the beat.

Some people couldn't care less about theory, but it's useful to look up note values and subdivisions. Study whole notes up to sixteenths. Just so you understand how rhythm works.

Also, try and tap your foot to everything you do. It's very important to have a strong sense of the underlying rhythmic pulse (bpm).
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