I know I know, this has been touched thousands of times before but still I dont want a necrobump or whatever.

I finished my true bypass box yesterday and it worked fine. I plugged it in today to try it out with full volume (it was 2am yesterday) and heard that the signal is pretty quite... hmmm no more breakup no more chugs... DUH. well seems like I need a buffer or my pedalboard (even though it's not THAT long but I have some long cables). I see no other way how a true bypass box could weaken the signal, and yes without it it's back to the normal signal. Oh and I have a morley wah that's not true bypass. So suggest me a good buffer circuit (and simple please) and let me know where to put it.

also current setup. 6m cable (I know I kbnow but I need long a long cable)) > trubypass God Box Tesla (fuzz) > Morley PWA > truebypass box with a behringer octaver in the loop > RP355 > PA
I want to also add my Fuzz Factory clone, an EQ after RP355 and probably my God Box Inferno overdrive for now (I have all the boxes really, just the signal is already weak so I better yet deal with my little setup atm)

TL;DR my guitar signal is really weak with my truebypass box added to the chain, should I put a buffer somewhere in the chain?
Something is wrong with your bypass box wiring, or your cabling. A bypass box won't knock down your signal that badly.