Have any of you guys ever played on the radio? Be it College or otherwise? My band recently did an hour live on one of our local university's radio stations (CKCU if you guys want to know). It had open phone lines and it was a damn good time.

I'm interested to see how many of you dudes with bands have gotten exposure from the radio, be a recorded track or a live performance and how was the experience. Was the sound good? Were the hosts amicable? etc.

I think it's a great way for fans to hear you that would not potentially come out to a recent show, and it has potential to reach people whom have never heard your band. It also has a sort of novelty that the show is on an actual fm band radio station, generates some good hype and makes your band seem legitimate.

That being said, the sound is often bad (while no gripes, it wasn't exactly ideal for us as we were playing) and many good sounding bands often sound like ass under the careful scrutiny of radio. The vocals always seem to be the loudest and therefore the singer should be confident and given'r.

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Nah. Playing in front of any audience (whether it be in front of a crowd of people or a single family member) scares the shit out of me
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Does internet radio count? I used to have a co-worker who had a station that played hard rock music and where they'd talk about video-games and stuff and interview semi-famous people. He had me record the national anthem and he played it at the beginning of his show every week, which was kinda cool.
Yep, sure have. Commercial and community. Epic
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we have twice, and it was quite great =)
first one was a hour-long performance, cut with interview bits. However, the sound was not phenomenal... listening to it afterwards, we could only hear our singer's voice and the drums well, the rest were drowned.

The second time we went on the radio was a short acoustic set and an interview, wasn't as cool, but still was nice =)
About a year ago I did an interview and played a couple of songs. It was pretty fun actually.




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I forgot to say that you dudes should post links if available, I'd be interested in hearing.

and not to sound like a *****, but if you really like the link, then like us on facebook
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A station at my university played some tracks by my band during their "alternative" hours. You can hear some of what they played on my profile playlist.
I'm actually involved with the radio station we have on campus and we're preparing right now to put on a live music show next week that will be going on air over the radio as well as the campus TV. It's not only a really awesome thing that we do for the local musicians, but its a really fun experience getting to run front of house sound for it, so support your college radio because I'm more than willing to bet that if you give them a demo, they will put you on air, at least that's what we do.
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A band I used to be in, had our stuff played on the "local stuff" show, pretty regularly.

My wife and I were in contest that a local station put on. We made it to the finals, which were broadcast live.
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Yes and no. I did a radio show in the town I went to high school in on our college public radio for an hour each Wednesday, and on that day I'd play my high school band's songs. It was pro-recorded and everything, so it fit right on.

Technically yeah, but I dunno if it counts because I was putting ourselves on.
Yes, it was a commercial station out of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). I didn't hear it actually, but one of my friends did, so that's how I found out.
Played a cover of Sweet Child of Mine on BBC Radio Solent with my previous band to promote a small holiday park festival last year. The hosts were amazingly kind. As weird as it sounds, it's amazing to watch and hear people talk on the radio with no stutters or mistakes in their speech whatsoever.
Been on a couple of college/uni radios. And bizarrely a couple of our tracks found their way onto the radio stations at Homebase, KFC and Sports Direct
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A band I was in about 7 years ago did a live gig on a local radio show. KTRU here in Houston. I honestly don't remember a whole lot about it because it was very last minute, we were really cramped in this little room. I don't think they even interviewed us. I think what happened was we were filling in for a band that cancelled last minute so they had nothing for us. So yeah I didn't really get much out of it.
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Yeah, I've had some recordings played. And my band's gonna be interviewing/acousticking tomorrow, as a matter of fact. At 4PM Central on WMTS if any of y'all strangers wanna tune in.

I'll be listening dude
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My band has been on 2 local radio stations in Essex - Phoenix Fm and Gateway Fm.

But I really don't like doing interviews, just prefer playing music live and all that.
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No, I could though. My buddy does the dj'n at a local college radio once a week.
It'd be kinda weak having me play with backing tracks or a drum machine though.