I am in the market to buy an attenuator for my amp. I have a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 running through a Marshall 4x12 cab. Needless to say it is very loud. I was looking along the lines of Weber Mass or THD, leaning towards the THD though. However, I am unsure which type to get. Meaning there are a variety of attenuators at different ohms. I am little unsure which one would best suit my amps needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't be afraid to spell it out in Lehmans terms so that I can truly understand what I am after. Thanks for all the help.
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Why are you buying an attenuator?

It's not going to turn a 100w stage amp into a bedroom amp, if that's what you're wanting.

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I've used a number of attenuators, & own a THD Hot Plate (which doesn't get used much), but the best I ever tried was last January at NAMM, I got to demo an Ultimate Attenuator. Best one for not really altering your tone. VERY little loss of dynamics compared to any other, practically imperceptible. Here's the link:
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