FS UK: Blackstar Series One, Fender Telecaster, Numark Stealth Controller, pedals etc

Any questions, give me a shout. Would really rather not post the amp and guitar, they're heavy and I don't trust couriers enough with something like this but if you are prepared to do it then that's fine. Pickup is from Norwich/Brandon (postcodes either NR10 or IP27). Smaller items are fine to post.

Blackstar Series One 100w amplifier head.

Full working order, excellent condition, padded slip cover, loads of life left in the valves! Purchased from another forum, not had much use since.

Sensible offers considered around the £650 mark

Fender Telecaster

Mexican built, it's a classic 50's telecaster in 2 tone burst. Plays fantastically, perfect condition. Comes with hardcase.

Offers around the £350 mark

Numark Stealth DJ Controller

Great condition, with box and manuals and leads. Plugs straight into USB slot and controls software such as Virtual DJ and Traktor.

Looking for £100 for this

SM58 Mic

Fantastic condition, no dings to the grill. Comes with soft carry case, mic clip and long lead.

Sensible offers

Various Pedals

Seymour Duncan Power Grid Distortion
Morley Wah

Sensible Offers on these

Only selling because I don't have a band anymore and can't justify having expensive things lying around the house doing nothing. Also, I want a Macbook Pro.

Not looking for trades, prices are negotiable but don't take the piss.

pictures will be up tonight, sorry for the delay, anyone interested in anything?
Blackstar Series One 100w amplifier head.

Fender Telecaster

Numark Stealth DJ Controller

SM58 Mic

Various Pedals

Yep, 2 channels and 4 modes. I forgot to mention the footpedal is included!
how much for mic
@jecox ssssoooo ssweeeet that whole set up is so sweet. If I had any distortion/delay setup it would be the akai headrush and BM. Awesome set up.

Quote by crossy uk
Yep, 2 channels and 4 modes. I forgot to mention the footpedal is included!

Ahh if it was one of the 4 channel versions, Id be all over this! Sorry mate, free bump
littlemurph7976 - Ahhh, yer you're looking for a 104___ version. Thanks anyway mate.

jecox13 - looking for £50 for the mic, thanks
final pre-ebay bump, get in quick as this is all being listed tonight, prices negotiable with forum members
Okay, this is the final pre-ebay bump because I forgot to list them last week. So if you are interested in any of this, give me a shout and we can work out a deal to save me the hassle or ebay.
Swap the tele for a Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special? Will post pics and specs if your interested...