I'm mainly a guitarist, but I'm looking for a cheap bass to mess around on and use for recording sometimes. I'm thinking about looking for a squire, and I've heard the Classic Vibe series is pretty good, but I'm open to suggestions.

Budget: No more then $400, preferably about $300. Don't care if used but I prefer new. I live near Austin Texas. Most of what I play is punk, pop-punk and sometimes metal, but on the bass it'll probably just be punk.

I don't really know anything about basses, so any information you guys can provide would be helpful.
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Some kind of Squier P sounds perfect for you. Others will chime in on the relative merits of CV or VM models.
yamaha rbx series could be worth a look as well. personally i prefer them ten fold to the squier basses.
Epiphone Thunderbird?

I was seriously considering this one as a bass guitar (i also play guitar like you and wanted a cheap but decent bass to dick about on)
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Epiphone Thunderbird?

Has nothing on Squiers Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified series, or any of the lower level Ibanez, Yamaha, or Peavey basses.
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you should buy a used bass. sometimes they are a bit scratched or something, but the sound normally stays the same so you can afford a way better one then buying a new one in the same price-category(?)*sorry for my english, hope you understand what i mean* anyway
personally i love warwicks, they are good balanced, good to play, sound great (no matter which music direction you wanna play) and last like... forever.
and what many people forget, get good strings! the bass can be as great as it wants to, the strings are just the same important. i also use warwick strings for about 40$ but they are worth every penny.
I just had a bit of a trawl through your craigslist, there's some mad deals on there, well except for the dude who wants 3k for an '83 Jazz. I found this Fender Power Jazz for $400. Those were really cool basses, they have piezo pickups in the bridge so you can switch to them for a shimmery acoustic-like tone. I'd snap that up if I were you.
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You could get a Squier VM Jaguar Special for less than $200.
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"Which bass."

And yeah, the Classic Vibe series is unbeatable in terms of value.

you mean CV>VM?
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Personal preference really, I find that the pickups sound a lot better and the construction rivals at least MIM Fenders. They use "Duncan Designed" pickups in the VM because they sell better, not because Squier themselves can't make better pickups.