I'm in a band who have recently decided to change our style a bit. We want to write some sort of ambient post hardcore/metalcore, like Architects newer material (The Here and Now). We don't want to sound too generic with palm muted top string riffs. Some nice melodic parts, some heavy bits blah blah blah. Does anyone have any advice or assistance they can give me to help get into that writing frame of mind? I'm the bassist but I write as well. Thanks!
Throw in some clean breaks, like with some nice ambient synth in the background, clean guitar arpeggios or chords, and some nice harmonizing on both guitars, with light drums in the background. Try following linear structure at times, and at other times a more flowing structure, playing different riffs throughout and then repeating some riffs. But try to avoid a riff salad, where you have too many similar sounding riffs. Oh and try out playing a riff and then repeating it in half time, or repeating it at a slower tempo. The main thing is to vary the parts up a bit though. Good luck!
Thanks man. If you're used to this stuff, how do you compose your riffs? Are the chord based, or is it just per chance?
Listen to absolutely everything to source inspiration. I mean everything. Rule nothing out.
For your genre specifically, as well, try La Dispute and Dillinger Escape Plan, specifically their EP with Mike Patton.