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Pfft, how did Bear Grylls manage to get a computer?
Even if he got one, he'd just eat it.
Breakfast, Breakfast, it's great for us
We eat, we eat, we eat
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Your internet privileges are hereby revoked.

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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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lol, I thought nobody saw that thread/video.

Well if they can track you down already, they aren't going to say no to a case they can win against are they?
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
They found you once so they can find you again. And besides they probably flagged your account and will more than like monitor it more often.
Plausible deniability. Deny that you've ever done anything like that and that you buy your music from a music store. Tell them that you have a wireless network and you don't think it's secure.

I got a call from a private firm that sues people who dl illegally for a tv series. I told them I've never heard of it, but I have a wireless router with basic security settings. They told me to change the password and that was the end of it.
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Was it a Metallica album? You should know better!

But you should download the album another 10 times or so to see if they do anything.
Oh noes, the internet police is coming!!

What kind of notice is that.

Hey ya, so we're getting sued by some company that somehow knows about someone who somehow downloaded one of their albums and that guy was using our internet service. So yeah, just letting you know, if everybody pitches in for an effort to stop illegal downloading (so we can stop getting these useless lawsuits) we can all be winners. yay. Even though nothing will probably come of this and that random guy is most likely just a random guy which makes it almost impossible to find him let alone expect to spend three lifetimes paying some sort of restitution fee. Hmmkay? bye guise.