So I've been playing for about a year (just messing around, not really serious) and recently decided I want to really start getting better.

So far I've simply been listening to the song and just playing along, not necessarily playing what the drummer is actually playing, but playing through the same patterns and mixing it up a bit...

So how do you all learn to play the drums? do you actually learn the songs? learn different patterns and beats? or just mess around like I do?
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Well, the way I learned was listening to all types of music, and starting on your standard beginner stuff. Green Day, AC/DC, etc. Pretty easy, but will teach you how to keep rhythm, and the absolute basic rock drumming patterns.

Then I worked my way up to a bit more complex things like Nirvana, Jet, and Foo Fighters, and from there, just whatever I listened to, I learned how to play. If theres anything you just can't hear or get down, just search a drum cover or drum lesson on youtube. I found the best way to figure out how someone plays something is by watching them.

How-To-Drum DvDs are alot of fun too, and if you look up Jared Falk's drum lessons, he has some good information, as well as some free drumless tracks you can play around to. I think his site is like freedrumessons or something, I haven't been there in a while.
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