that was very... generic. i can't say i enjoyed it at all. sorry bro.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
It's not direct meaning.You could find answers why album's called SOULD OUT
in our lyics that will be published straight after album is released.
I'll give you some details to why the others feel the way they do:

Your music lacks melody.

The verse in Imposters is a generic chug that was used in NuMetal for over a decade while your vocalist drones on with no emotion utilizing the same phrasing the entire time. Their is no tension/release and no real creativity in the composition.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, I truly don't mean it to be but you guys need to know that you didn't bring anything new to the table that I could hear. The best part of the two songs you posted was the beginning of Chimera and it was still generic in feeling.

However, the band members seem to be competent with their instruments and I think you guys could write much higher quality music. You just have to break free from your influences and find out who you are. In this regard I sincerely wish you the best of luck and understand that this is just .02 cents from an anonymous tool on UG.

Feel free to tear my band apart via PM or whatever gent:
I'm gonna be honest and say I don't know a lot about metal, but there was enough melody here to keep me interested. Perhaps a bit generic, but it's not bad. The sound quality's fine too. Gave you a FB like.

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I don't think your music is agressive enough for all that growling. also, you lack melody, and since there aren't clean vocals to provide it, it gives a very lack luster feel to the music. Also, I think your riffs could be more creative. check out 'circles' from my band (link in my sig). Might give you an idea of a creative riff.

I'd suggest listen to bands like Protest the Hero, Periphery and Between the Buried and Me. I'd suggest listening to less 'standard' metal or hardcore stuff. It all Breeds generic bands. Also, eq the guitar better, sounds very muffled.

I'd also suggest getting a better vocalist, someone with an awesome clean voice aswell as growls (hard to come by I know). Look up 'Bloodmeat' by PTH, if you haven't heard the song already. Great use of both clean and gutteral vocals.

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Not bad. I can see where people would say the vocals aren't fit- not that they're too intense, just not necessarily withing the realm of your kind of metal. Oh, and I was the guy who tried to shut down that guy that called that first song "happy metal".

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Not really my favourite kind of music, I like thrash/power/melodic metal more. You're okay though, I could easily imagine your songs playing on some metal radio. I wouldn't change station, but I wouldn't turn the volume to the max or start headbanging either.

Keep playing though!
OMG! Wow really cool and impressive you done Fantastic job.. your all release sooper ..