I recently formed a band with a friend of mine, and we are both lead guitarists. At the moment we have been covering Iron Maiden songs, which is great, but I was wondering what other bands we could cover, as it is getting quite repetitive.

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You could split up who takes the lead for different songs

/end of thread
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great canadian band who is on the rise to take over the world with giant falsettos and splitting dual axe attack!
Lamb of god, children of bodom, cannibal corpse, nile, dethklok, amon amarth, Megadeth, etc.

All those bands have guitar players that both do leads.

But seriously, first post was pretty much /thread.
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try megadeth, exodus, and some more thrash metal, thats great if you have two lead guitars, and there are nice harmonies in songs like a tout le monde, fight fire with fire, she wolf, yes, you should definately do she wolf by megadeth
the best harmonized leads ever are to be found on Avenged Sevenfold records IMO. If that was what you meant. Bullet For My Valentine and old In Flames also had nice harmonies, and children of bodom which someone already mentioned
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