so I just powered on my amp, waited 30 secs, then took it off standby to play it. no output and alot of crackling. turn it up to 1 (which is the loudest i play at home ever) and I just start getting distortion, but its really thin weak and buzzy, and the amp still crackles while Im playing.

so the problems:

reduced output
thin/buzzy distortion
lots of crackling

the amp is a peavey 6534+ amd I do have a correct speaker load plugged in.

Im gonna check later to make sure all the tubes are properly seated in the sockets, but the amp hasnt moved in a while so I doubt anything is loose.

I also have Isolated it down to the amp, its not a bad cable.

so any ideas?

the reduced output makes me thing a bad powertube, but the other symptoms dont point to that, right?
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Maybe a bad phase inverter preamp tube. If you don't have an extra preamp tube then swap V1 with the P.I.

Swap the power tubes around and hit the pins with some contact cleaner. Keep a close eye on the tubes for red plating. Sorry to hear this man.
I have a few EHX 12ax7s laying aroud so ill check. If not I really hope its a bad power tube.

Knowing me and this amp, it probably took out some preamp and powertubes. first time it broke, it took out both the preamp and poweramp tubes too