Hey Everyone,

I want to record my acoustic guitar album in a few weeks. I already recorded some audio for my YouTube videos:


The audio is recorded with a Rode NT2A and a NT5. I have a second NT5 which I didn't use for my YouTube videos.

What do you guys think? What is the best setup with these mics? Do you have some advice in general or with respect to my YouTube Videos?

I'm not very experienced with recording so all help is appreciated!

Cheers Max
Dude, I love the stuff you recorded!
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The best acoustic sound I've gotten so far is with two NT5's.

The exact positioning will vary from gutiar to guitar and with how you play. One in the general vicinity of the sound hole and one around the 12th fret pointing towards the body a bit. both mics 6-12 inches away. Just play with positioning until you find the sound you're looking for.

The song on my profile called "Say You're Mine" was recorded that way.

Honestly though, for the kind of music you're doing, what you've got going seems to be working well for you. The NT2A spaced farther away is probably better for solo acoustic songs. It would do a little better with the low end than another NT5. What I do for acoustics normally has to fit in with other instruments, so I'm not looking to fill tons of space with the guitar, hence the closer miking and smaller diaphragm mics.

Closer miking may not be a bad idea for you though, if you have a decent sounding reverb you can use. That way you have a lot more control over the 'verb and wont have it competing as much with the room sound from a further spaced mic.
Man... I LOVE the songs! I could listen to this all day long. So awesome!

I usually track acoustic with an LDC at the sound hole about 6 inches away (so you have enough room to move your hand around) and a SDC at the 12th fret.

Honestly though, I don't think there's anything wrong with the sound you're getting. Your playing is excellent and the guitar isn't a piece of junk, so your micing technique is really up to you as to where to place them to get the tone you're looking for.
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It sounded pretty good to me, are you limited to 2 inputs?
If not, I'd be tempted to try NT5's just off the soundhole & at the 12th fret pointed towards the body, and then the NT1a a little further away to pick up some ambience. Also, I personally wouldn't compress it quite as much, but I really love a wide dynamic range in fingerstyle guitar, so I guess it comes down to personal preference.
Good job though!
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First of all, congrats on the playing. Takes a serious level of skill to pull off that Andy McKee 'flowing' sound.

Sounds nice but perhaps a little bright. I think the positioning is good though, keep it similar so you've got that clarity and then even it out with EQ if necessary.

What I'd suggest is EQing in just a touch of bass 'rumble' (maybe 60-120hz) and then running it through a convolution reverb. I strongly recommend convolution reverb for solo acoustic, it can has a real richnesss and authenticity if you find nice responses.
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