As the title states ... my/GF / girl im dating /whatever we are is turning 21 in December! She honestly is the best girl I have ever dated in my life Ive known her since i was like 19 and we started dating october 2009 she stood by my side thru having a crazy Ex-GF pregnant with my kid and then my daughter passing away when she was born (really ****ed me up mentally) which lead to my GF dealing with alot of my **** (depression, anxiety, ETC; ) ) she also gets me really awesome gifts for bdays xmas etc; She like music very much,i found her guitar is so old.I want to get a new one for her.
My reseach indicate I could get these two
Fender Starcaster Strat guitar[URL=http://www.dealstudi
I am not familiar with guitar.what do u think about them? Which is better? Give me some advice. I need suggestions like $300 max
what kind of music does she like to play?
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Does she have an amp? What kind of guitar does she have now?
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ive had a good experience with the Laguna series accoustic electrics the guitar center carries, for around 300 bucks. very nice quality, good playability. whether you like GC or not, i think itd be an option to look in to.
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