so ive been wanting a tremolo for those shimmering clean tones and maybe some crazy effects. it needed to sound good, be quality made, have multiple wave forms, and have a level control.

this met them all (i was going to buy a sioux guitar truck stop, but they refused to post a demo and lovepedals rep overwhelmed me)

i have to say this thing is undescribably tiny. i would say in cubic measurements it is about 1/4 the size of a boss pedal if you factor in all dimesions. its so small i will have issues velcroing it to my board.

2nd impression, its tiny but SOLID. it also has noiseless switching and is 100% true bypass.

3rd impression - out of the box it sounds gross. you need to adjust the internal depth control.

4th impression. it is sex. wow. worth the 120-130 i paid (discounted). sounds great when adjusted. definitely not as analog sounding as my EHX delay, but still organic. not nearly as digital as cheaper effects. 1 knob (plus the 3 way switch). easy to use. awesome.

lovepedal is a plus in all ways. only downside can be considered size (its almost too small, literally you could fit it in your pocket easier than a cell phone) and internal controls over external controls.

pics to come?????

Pedal is roughly 1.25 inches wide x 1.25 inces tall x 3 inches long. its about the size of a peice of sausage (not sure why thats the first thing i thought of to compare it to....)
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If only all pedals were that small. And yes, clips please!!!