Hello all,
I am planning on getting a vox amp. It has come down to the AC15c1 or the AC4TV half stack. I will currently be using this for home playing, but when my band does recording work I plan to use this amp. I have a separate amp for gigging. I play mostly indie rock, especially lo fi; example bands include wavves, neutral milk hotel, weezer, and death cab for cutie. The bulk of my distortion will be coming from my pedalboard.
AC15 for sure.
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If it was me, I'd go for the AC4TV. I miss mine like crazy, and the only reason I got rid of it was because I couldn't gig with it. That said, I've never spent an extensive amount of time with an AC15.
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Really depends how loud you'll be able to go. If you can crank the thing or need the headroom, go for the 15. If you can't, give the AC4 a shot.

Word of warning: Despite being only 15 watts, the AC15 is LOUD.
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well imo the point of the ac4 is to get natural tube ovrdrive very easily. i think they sound great. if you rule that out, you might as well take the option for headroom.