hey guys im learning the stairway solo and have a question about it..hopefully you guys can help me.

the first part of the solo..the build up...some people tell me to do pull offs and others tell me to pick each note..my questions are 1) which one should is right? 2) if i can pick each note and time it perfect does it really matter whether i pick them or pull them off?

Watch the Song Remains the Same. It is on netflix. vh1 classic and palladia show it almost once a week.
Like they said just pick it. I like to throw in a few pull on the 2nd phrase of the solo though. Like naked in the rain said it is a great picking excercise. I played that solo a few dozen times a day for a few weeks and it took my soloing to a new level.
Just something to add, it does matter whether you pick each note or pull-off, as each technique will give you a different sound. In the end it's all just a matter of preference, which ever one you think sounds the best.