Found a great deal on a set of these on Craigslist but I have no clue if they're what I want. I was planning on getting a Dimarzio CL/LF set before I found these, because the CL/LF are exactly what I want in pickups. Does anyone know how the two sets compare?
From what I can tell, the CL/LF set has quite a bit more output (11.03 and 10.75 Kohms vs 8.0 and 7.3 Kohms) and the CL has more low end, while the Opus set has more emphasis on midrange.
Thanks for the reply. Do you know what style of music the Opus set would be best suited for?
No idea, I'd never even heard of Tesla pickups before I read this thread haha. I only found one demo on youtube, and it was a guy playing some shred on a ridiculous looking metal guitar, so I'd assume it would work for that kind of stuff.