The song starts at 7 seconds in, for those of you who are impatient xD

And while im here, something really annoys me, and id like advice on how to fix it .

You see,in some songs i like how i sound, in others i despise it

Any advice ? Its frustrating when i like a new song, want to play it, and get to that hurdle
You're voice is pretty weak, what you need to work on is singing with power. Breath into your gut and really push the air out when you sing.
I'm not a very technical singer, when i sing i just sing with all the heart and passion i can muster up see where it takes me, i'm not technically that skilled but people often get amazed by it.

Just listen to this guy, he's not very skilled on a technical level but he sings with such passion that it doesn't matter.

And also, this is probably your biggest mistake, you were pretty off key. Sometimes you we're completely flat. Work on your pitch ALOT, that is a dealbreaker.
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When your referring to the off pitch/ flatness, do you mean the verses? ( the faster lyric and strum parts)

That part was a rap in the original song, and i just sung it out , if you get me, which is what gives it that flattish feel i think xD

As for the power thing, im not sure how to go about getting it! I train under SLS, and apparently it has a reputation for a lack of power in the singing voice