Casper GT Custom Guitar through a clean Egnater amp head.
Boomerang Delay.
SolidGoldFX SuperDrive and Nitro.
Whammy DT used for harmonization during the initial minute or so and then at the end of the piece starting at 7:15.

From 1:20 to 4:18 I use the 6-position Wahcko+ wah pedal. My guitar is set at the bridge pickup position (my guitar has 5 pickup selection). Every 8 bars I pick a different wah sweep/tone and/or pickup selection. The Wah is used more as a tonal control, although I have some 'wah-wah' moments in there.

From 5:01 to 7:15 the piece changes directions as I eliminate the Wah. I keep my guitar in the bridge pickup position and alter my tone with the Source Audio Programmable EQ (you can save 4 pre-sets).
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Well, i listened to Psychodelia.
i liked the mood it creates, like flowing from different instances, from a moody atmospherical trance to a more reflexion inducing sound...
The intensity that starts to build up towards the end is great too.
I liked the synth background...
Really nice scales and good tone...


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Thanks. I'll give your songs a listen to soon. I enjoy composing (improvizing a lot) relative to the equipment I have... and when buying new equipment. It gives a person a better understanding of gear when you have to write music specific to the sounds it produces. I recently bought a Programmable EQ (by Source Audio)... completely silent and super-flexible... with the same gear you can get that thick and heavy Hendrix type tone all the way up to that thinner fuzz of Pantera. Looking forward to developing something with that pedal.
Hello, MrArarat... a bit of Gilmour in your stuff as well! It makes me wonder... if not for Pink Floyd, would you or I be composing the stuff we do? Would it have come naturally because of the technology of gear and that 'eventually' and 'inevitably' people would be writing such spacey stuff? JWBlack... I commented on your thread. Best wishes.