Hi, guys!
I'd appreciate it if some of you give some feedback on my instrumentals C4C, promise!

"Fallen" and "Alternative Roots" are MIDIs mixed in Mixcraft 4. Mixcraft doesn't really handle bends and slides well so they're kind of messed up in these two

Fallen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQnxWuKRURo&feature=channel_video_title

Alternative Roots: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzMCM_VFr_U&feature=channel_video_title

Skeleton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OkfB2AKBJM&feature=feedu

"Skeleton" is a recent one I've just finished composing, and my first instrumental to be recorded! Recorded with a video cam then mixed in Mixcraft. Sorry for the LQ. The tracks kind of got out of sync in the final mixdown.

Hope you enjoy!
My favourite was alternative roots. Very laid and back and has a great melody. I think fallen is the weakest out the 3 but it's still pretty good. Skeleton is really cool once it kicks into gear and i love the ending.

I think you should mix things up a bit if you know what i mean. Add in a few different melodies to keep the suprised. I think your material is very good though.
"Fallen": I like the piano melodies!! The guitar/keyboard (?) thing at ~1:10 (and similar) is my least favorite part (a different synth sound would work better, I think). The fast melody at 2:20 was interesting, I like that. I like most of the melodies. I've never had anyone from Saudi Arabia comment on my music before, please review me at this link:

Thanks guys for taking the time to review my music! I'm taking everything you said into consideration.
aaron: I commented on your music, check it out!
Thanks for the crit man,
Good quality for your first recording, everything is decently mixed and can be heard clearly.
Very old school hard rock vibe i like that alot, there is alot of variation to keep it interesting for it being an instrumental but it could use some more solo guitars over it or building of some more layers over time because right now it's still kind of needing that or some vocals.
The ending is a very nice surprise and well done.
Good job overall man keep it up!
"Fallen" For your first song this isn't bad at all! I would like to hear this song with some lyrics and recorded with real instruments. The intro is awesome, I especially like the song stays in tempo. Very important. The transfer back to the piano was a little shaky but not bad. Overall nicely done.

"Alternative Roots" starts off with more power. I think you should keep the pace moving a bit after the guitar riff thing. I like the guitar parts you have in this. Although be careful not to get to stuck in the scale. Other then that another great job. Keep up the good work!
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Skeleton: The intro is kinda meh.. just chords those linkin park chords . I cant really listen to what the "guitars" are playing sorry. I like the part @ 2:16 with the octave chords and melody. I dont know, it doenst really feel like a song, more like a couple of riffs thrown together.

@Benjami: I have a solo for 'Skeleton', but I haven't had time to record it. I wrote lyrics for this, but I'm no singer.
@Kevin: 'Alternative Roots' was written when I was practising the F/Dm scale. Guess I got caught up in it.
@Fat g0r0t: The intro has lyrics that's why it's just chords. What do you mean you "can't listen what the 'guitars' are playing"? Anyway, thanks for commenting.
Fallen :
This sounds a bit tame as a MIDI tbh, it doesn't do anything for me. I would, however, love to hear the final version. I did enjoy the the piano melodies after 2:25 though.

Skeleton :
Forgiving the sync issues, I liked this tune. Had a good punk rock vibe with some emotion in the riffing.
The outro threw me off completely however, you don't need it imo.
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Wow! I was really impress by Fallen. The piano is so calm and relaxing, it just makes you feel good inside . One thing I thought was a miss were the heavy chords, they didn't sound bad or anything but they seemed to drown out the rest of the instruments. Thats just my opinion though, still really impressed.

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