I have recently just started my freelance, so I have no proper portfolio to show. All my designs have been under a company name so I have no right to claim them for my portfolio-- however,

I am one of the few people that run an online, down to earth visual art service. I have over 8 years in experience with the industry leading software to create the cutting edge designs that any company, service or group may need in order to shine apart from the rest of the competition. My design philosophy and service is very simple; I design what you want, as specific as you want it. If you're not sure what you want, just let me know-- my passion is graphic designing and the last thing I'd do would be to create anything close to a half-ass design. I constantly give updates upon request and I also offer what's I call my personal support line; where you can log into Skype to see what stage your project is on, which coincidentally also helps if you want something changed on the spot.

I do logos, banners, ad design, billboard/poster design, brochure design, business card design, album CD/DVD design, video editing, and more.

Give me a shot, if you don't like whatever I made you; you don't need to pay for it.
I actually might have posted this in the wrong section, if so; I am sorry. Feel free to move this.
You have 8 years of experience but nothing to show? lol
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Hmm, maybe create a few pictures and put them up on here pehaps

i may be interested