Pretty good. I would suggest recording the guitar and vocals seperatedly though, that way you can raise the volume on the vocals. I would also suggest double tracking the guitar, if your going to do that, use a click track. Maybe even add a nice fitting drum loop in there. Good playing on the guitar, nice writing. Keep it up.

If you got a second check out my tune "My Place" here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1495109
I wish I had the effort to record songs properly, I just bought one mic and I put it on top of a beer can on a desk to try get a mix between vocals and guitar. Not the most high tech method. Thanks for the crit though, maybe i'll record this properly.
I really like the name Sweetener Corp, firstly. I like the guitar tone, your vocals complement it nicely as well. Good playing as well - Definitely worth elaborating it (if you want it longer) and recording it properly. I'm not sure the song needs anything else apart from your guitar and voice, really. Well done!

Mine's here:

I've got my second verse now so it's a bit longer. But thanks for the crit, keep sending it please.