Anyone know any good amp heads under 300?
I need good distortion/ cleans pretty much, don't need any effects really as I'll be running a boss me 70 through it.
I'm in a band so will need it for gigging we play heavy metal/ hard rock
Bands like:

-Iron Maiden
-Black Sabbath

I'm from Northern Ireland (Some people ask for location)
I'd thought at the start about a Marshall AVT150H but alot of people seem to hate them.
do you really need a head? As most people say around here you can often get a better amp if you go combo
Quote by TheQuailman
Got a cab already?

If so, a used Laney GH50L is your best bet for those sounds at that price.

Used Peavey Ultra
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ive found a 'Peavey Windsor for £250.00
is this amp good?
ive heard there is no clean channel?
ive got a boss me 70 surely i could get cleans out of it?
Peavey Windsor is a JCM 800 clone type amp. It should do you just fine.
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You realize you need a cab if you get a head, right? And you aren't going to get decent head and cab for that price.

Therefore, a Peavey Vypyr 30 combo should suit your needs.