So, I've been playing guitar for around three years now, I'm getting pretty good considering that I pretty much picked up a guitar and learned how to read tabs and went to town.

Like most kids with an electric guitar, I wish to play Metallica and Megadeth solos at full speed (Respect my opinion, don't be immature and bash the music I enjoy, just leave if you're to do that)

But I feel like there are things that I should know before I get to those speeds, I always see people that post stuff like "Practice Practice Practice Scales Scales Blah Blah Blah"

What I'm asking is What are some good scales and things that you should really know to progress the level of your guitar playing?

How do I use scales? and whats the difference between a scale and a mode? How do I use modes?

When I first started playing I worried about my finger speed, but now my fingers are faster, and I think that its my picking that is off, I can pick fast, but it throws me off when I have a series of say 2-4 notes on the high e sting, and then one note on the b string, then back to the high e.

What would help me pass this wall? I know UG has PLENTY of great stuff that can help me, but the thing is that I don't have the time to go through lesson after lesson, only to constantly find crappy lessons that don't contain much useful information.

So shoot me some links and help me out please.

It is simply more or less just practice. There are a lot of lesson's on this page, as well as youtube that can be very helpful. I also suggest learning more technical styles of music, such as jazz, which will improve your playing by miles. As for scales and modes. I suggest learning all the major scales and then all the modes to the major scale. Btw a mode is just the note that the particular scale starts on. For example in the C major scale, when it starts on C, it's in the C Ionian mode. Where as you play the C major scale but start on D, then it would be D dorian. You can read more into this cause its kinda lot to get into.
You'll need a metronome.

Alternate picking

That'll cover your picking. The basic scales you should work on are:

Minor Pentatonic (Example is in E)


Minor (Also in E)


Major (E again)


Everything else is variations. Practice these up and down with a metronome, and practice improvising in them. Good luck!
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Thanks for the posts everyone! All help is greatly appreciated! Anything that might have helped you out in your time might me worth informing me of!