YO!! This is the MC GEE GEE BACK UP IN HERE!!!! YO!!! This be my scary ghost story page, knamean?? These here stories will scare the pee pee out of ya!!! Here is the first story:

Once there was like this haunted house. Anyway, these two kids decided to go inside it. Hold on, it gets scarier. So like the one guy was like "I dare you to go in there". So they went inside. It was also thundering out. When they went in, they both felt like making a sandwich. So they went in the kitchen to make one. THEN A SCARY GHOST POPPED OUT!!!! The kids were so scared they ran out the house. THE END. Here is the next story:
So once these kids wanted a sandwich, so they went to go vist the haunted cemetary. Needless to say, the ghosts at the cematary were angry that they had come. They had like stepped on their ancient burial ground or somethin. Yea. Knamean?? So anyway the kids gotted scared and ran away. Then the TRIX rabbit came and they said "Silly rabbit, TRIX are for kids". The TRIX rabbit had had enuff, so he smacked the shit out of the kids and they went home wit red faces. THE END.
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follow the white rabbit

ghosts arnt real
When some stranger on the internet says it is so, it must be so.
MAN!! That was scary... that you call that scary.
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