Could someone please suggest me a power supply that could power a Behringer fuzz, a GFS Greenie and two Danelectro Cool Cat pedals. Please don't mention anything about how I should buy better pedals, I'm playing in a pretty simple indie band right now and for what I need the pedals are doing fine. Anyway I don't really have much of a budget because this will probably be a Christmas present but something under $100 would be great and under $80 would be perfect. Any suggestions are welcome even if they're out of that budget because I could always save up some money.
one spot
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considering your amount of pedals and concern for price, and lack of concern for super amazing boutique quality ultraaudiophile sound, a 1 spot is perfect.

as of yesterday, i am running 7 pedals or all natures on my 1 spot and its holding up fine. doesnt seem to be 1 difference between 2-3 and 7.