I have absolutely no clue how to play these artificial harmonics. I know how to play pinch and natural ones though. Help please

Here's the riff:
       B   Eb   Gb    b   Gb   Eb          

These are all 8va artificial harmonics (Don't know what that means) with the note letter on the top of it's respective fret number. I would like someone to explain this to me step by step since I'm stumped

Thanks a lot!
ggg1 ggg3

I could be totally wrong but I always thought artificial harmonics were played by fretting the note as usual then playing a pinch harmonic at the specific location on the neck that would result in an octave-up harmonic. Since all the notes in your riff are below the twelfth(?) fret you can just add twelve to the fret number to figure out where to strike with your pinch harmonic. The only problem is I've always seen them written out like so...

7<19>, 6<18>, etc.

Twelfth? Twelvth? What a stupid sound. Twelfth. Oh well, hope that helps.
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