Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if I can use my computer (POD FARM 2) as my amp somehow. Right now I have it set up and I love the tone I get, however some pc speakers will never pack the punch of a real cabinet. I want to know how to get this sound to play through a cab, and if there's already thread on it I apologize, my searching skills suck. Also, would playing it through a cab change the sound alot as compared to my pc speakers? I am already getting near studio-quality tone and would like to keep it that way!!!
Just run your setup into a power amp and then into a cab.
It shouldn't alter your tone all that much but it will sound a little different.
Depends how good your cab is. It can be done, basically, it'd be like plugging a POD into a power amp and into your cab. You might get some latency, though, which isn't good for live use.

You'd have to disable cab modeling on POD Farm.
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