I was wondering if anyone knew of some good guitar songs that only had 1 guitar and a drumbeat throughtout the song or atleast the majority of it. I like modern rock kind of stuff mainly like seether and breaking benjamin.
Like 95% of The Black Keys' discography.
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White Stripes
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Almost all white stripes songs.
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There's a band called The Americas that plays around where I live every now and then, I think they have some stuff on youtube. Pretty good guitar-drum duo. Also my band Planet Destroyer used to be a two piece, so our older youtube videos fit into that: http://www.youtube.com/user/planetdestroyermusic

(Not trying to self promote... It just applied to the thread.)
The Kills; but the drums are mainly drum machine.

Blood Red Shoes

Sex Bob-omb has a bass, but doesn't really need it

One-Eyed Doll; 66% of their stuff is just guitar and drums; the other 33%+ has bass, but doesn't really need it.

Left Lane Cruiser

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
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The entire Metallica ...And Justice For All album.

Oh wait, that's 2 guitars and a drummer.
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