Nook event (2)
Well, Rakuten have got over 50 million customers worldwide, they're the number one commerce player in Japan -- I think they are four or five times the size Huawei MediaPad Android 3.2 Tablet, and they've been making acquisitions around the world, really growing their national footprint. So, it provides us with Onda VX610W. We've been competing on a shoestring against Goliaths with billions on their balance sheet. Now we've got a Goliath backing us. It gives us reach. We can expand internationally quicker. We've always had the position of being a global player, and now Mintpie P80 can just get there faster. There's a lot we can do on the social front between our Reading Life platform and Rakuten's commerce properties around the world.
It's absolutely been our strategy from day one. When we introduced our first e-reader, the Archos 70 Tablet was $300. We were the first to introduce a reader at cost with our first Kobo reader in May of 2010. We brought it to the market for $149 -- half of where everyone else was at. It's our way of having a rich connection with our customers so that they can consume content. Aoson M12 For us, the business is about the content, and the device is just a great way to connect customer and content.
There's new markets like Brazil that are exploding from an e-commerce standpoint, and a lot of these Teclast P81HD don't have the Seattle-centric e-commerce player. We're working with the number one player in a win-win relationship and we can own 50-percent of the market.starzmart