Im trying to figure out how to jam to a song in the key of G and Bb.
To figure out what notes to play could i just look on a chart of notes and find the Gs and Bb's? Or do i have to do something with scales or just play through the G and Bb scales?
The song is Rebirtha by Widespread Panic. Thanks a lot!
I suggest you learn the 5 boxes of the minor pentatonic scale and then learn to improvise wit them. If a song is in B minor then every single note in the B minor pentatonic scale fits over it. Learn the boxes one at a time, and learn to use them before moving on to the next. Trust me, by the time you are done and can use the scale effectively in all of it's positions you will have a much better idea on jamming and improvisation.

Remember to always start on the lowest root note when learning the scale, the root note being the one that gives the scale it's name. For example a B minor pentatonic scales root note is B.

Here are the 5 positions of the pentatonic minor
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