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Quote by RedDeath9
It's all in the presentation, brah. Make a new thread, maybe titled "UG multigenre album collab," we can brainstorm ideas and get to work on it. I'd be up for it.

EDIT: as for this collab, I'm willing to wait a bit longer before seriously working on it. Adrian, it's not closed, I'll take a look at your songs later.

I follwed your advice brosquito! (Weirdly enough it seems that mosquito is spelled the same in Portuguese and English, how cool is that? Not at all!!!

Although I can't participate I'm looking foward for this collab: you, Tarbrush and JazzDeath and HaydenHorns (sp? cba, sorry dude) write some tasty stuff.
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
Okay, sweet.

JazzDeath and Hayden aren't in this collab, at the moment.

Man, I feel bad for rejecting people. That shit's hard! I wish we could give everyone a part in it, but it just becomes way too much to manage.
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