this is a tune i wrote called "8 hours ago" for my band, "to the moon" (name may change...)

this one's influenced by Incura, I Am Abomination, Atreyu, a bit of J Rock, even Blink 182...

i wasnt really leaning to metal, post hardcore, i was just shooting for my style of a rock song with some heart put into it. The vocals for this are going to be screamo with clean vocals so the end result is going to be somewhat of a post hardcore sounding thing

give it a listen, i hope you will like and dont steal my riffs, i dont come up with stuff like this very often D:<
Pretty cool song, great leads and riffs. Drums are a bit lacking but nothing major, would like bass though but whatever.
It ends a bit abrubtly though imo, I think a solo and maybe chorus after breakdown II to end it would be better
love the guitar work in this.. if you play it that well then you got yourself something mint. drum line is simple but it gives the song more life so i don't really mind them. in the 120's is a pretty cool part. you should fade that out though, its kind of abrupt imo. overall though, fantastic writing skills here.

crit my work in progress?

So, still no bass

But hey, nice changes there, the verses are really better now. Nice riffs, and that chorus melody is killer xD

The first breakdown is great, and I don't like breakdowns that much xD
The second breakdown starts with nice riffs, but the drums make it a bit strange, you could change it a bit just that it don't sounds too generic.

Great song overall, it just lacks some bass, the drums are a bit weak too, but nothing you can't fix it. Also, it lacks a killer solo too

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