I recently built a guitar with design based on Jackson/Rhoads V and old Cadillacs. Hate it or love it, matter of taste. But one invention in this guitar is inargueably useful. V-shaped guitars are uncomfortable to play sitting down and without a strap. I added a foldable leg rest to the bottom of the body. That added a "waist" to the body, so playing needs less effort. Ned Steinberger used same kind of rest in his small bodied GL and XL -series.

Take a look: http://youtu.be/1Ul09T6Wpfw
Or just put the bottom part of the "V" between your legs...
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I love the clash of styles. Looks great. It looks like the tail light lights up? Epic.

The leg rest has been around for quite some time. Usually, it flips out when you need it. Flip it in when you don't.
Looks interesting.. Although I thought my Rhoads V was super comfortable to play with the inside of the V on my leg.