I am thinkg of trading my fender roc pro 1000 head for a peavey surpreme head. I want your thoughts on this please...fender is a great head..peavey i have heard many of them and messsed around with a few but not one for tubed amps..this one i used the other day while picking out a guitar well i plugged two different guitars in the peavey and they sounded great.i walked out with both guitars a washburn and a jackson.. i was interested in getting the head as well..the fender lacks metal sounds. but you can alway use a pedal for that..everything else its a great amp very nice cleans two different over drive channels great for punk, rock, blues but i just cant get the metal sound i want..i would just buy the head and keep mine but he wasnt willin to sell however he is willing to trade...what should i do?? how verstile is this amp?
you tried the amp but ask us how versatile it is.

makes perfect sense...
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If you just want a second opinion because you're not confident in your own ears quite yet, that's fine. But make sure you mention that, because your OP doesn't make any sense and contradicts itself.

The Fender won't take pedals very well as it's a hybrid design (valve and solid state together), as far as I can remember. That's a general statement rather than a factual one so please take it with a pinch of salt.

I don't remember ever trying the Peavey Supreme, but some of their older stuff is actually quite good - often even better than the amps they were mimicking - and the Supreme was made in the 90's, I think.

If you really liked the sound, go for it. However, if you're unsure about what you should get, answer the questions that 311ZOSOVHJH linked you to.
The ROC PRO 1000 is all SS.
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