So, I've been thinking to sell my guitar amplifier, as it is too big for me now. I used it in a band, but now I've quit the band, I don't need a 100w head and a 412 cab.

I've been thinking of getting the Vox AC15C1, as it nails the clean and slightly overdriven tones about spot on. I really like the tone they produce, but you never know if there is anything better. I've also been thinking about the Tiny Terror, but that doesn't have a whole lot of controls. One channel is fine by me, but more is no holdback.

I'm looking for something high-quality that could serve in studio's as well. Preferably a small combo, but a small head and a 112 cab are possible. Just something that doesn't weigh a whole lot and isn't massive to carry around.

Budget? - 550 EUR maximum for a combo or a head and 112 cab.

Genres? - Indie, classic rock, rock, grunge, stoner. I'm after tones like Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, Death Cab for Cutie, Priestess, Foo Fighters and generally very good cleans.

New or Used? - I always like the feeling of new material, but if it's worth it, I'll buy used.

Home or Gig? - I'm more of a home player nowadays, but I might get into a band formation later. I can arrange a PA anyway, so that's not a problem.

Closest City? - I'm in Belgium, so about everything in Belgium is considered do-able. I'm near Ghent if it matters.

Current Gear? - Gibson SG, Big Muff Pi, LPB, Vox Wah

I prefer to buy after testing, so buying from eBay is not really an option. I can travel to Musicstore in Germany if that would be "necessary".

Thanks in advance.
its a great amp. will be able to cover a lot of things. go check it out and buy it. but that greenback in the ac15 makes it amazing
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Yeah maybe try the AC15 and then get a good, thick fuzz pedal for your stoner tones and some sort of tubescreamer for more driven stuff.
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I have played it and it is really nice, but I'm trying to get the best option for my money, which seems to be the Vox, but there are always people who know more about amplifiers.
I've tested the AC15 earlier this year when I was buying my guitar.

That amp is the shit for clean sounding a humbucker. Never seen anything like it!!!

And you have a SG so you will probably need the clean tones.

I would pick AC15 over Tiny Terror all day. Tiny Terror has a good Marshall-crunch-sound like... If you want everything, the AC15 is your best choice.
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How do you mean I will need the clean tones with my SG? :P

So, the AC15C1 is the way to go? I might go and test it out tomorrow, as I didn't have the option to do so today.